Janice Griffith – Black Guy Try To Dominate Teacher


Janice Griffith – Black Guy Try To Dominate Teacher. Mickey admires his teaching assistant Janice Griffith. The black stud fantasies about her a lot. Especially in the classroom, when it gets dark. Charming babe Janice is working tonight in the classroom. She loves her work, does it very seriously. Mickey always wants to dominate her sexually, dreams about that but tonight, he decides to get action.

Janice Griffith – Black Guy Try To Dominate Teacher

While Janice handling some paper works, he gets in the class. Watches her for a while. Then he begins to make his dreams real, this time he will dominate her in real. Before, he just shows how the work should be done with ease. Then he demands her to stand up. Janice gets up, wait for another order. Mickey moves up her skirt after making her bend over through the teacher desk. After that, the teacher was about to smack her ass, breathing heavily and then he gave up. Dominating fantasy crushes, he leaves her alone.

While he was thinking about what just happened, the nerdy assistant gets her place and begins to dominate him. Mickey now sees who is the dominating one. Short haired babe Janice throws over her orders in the middle of the night, to her professor. Kissin her feet, licking her legs, etc. She has the power and uses it as she wants.

Janice Griffith - Teaching Assistant


Date: February 10, 2019