Husband Satisfied Frustrated Hot Wife Britney


Husband Satisfied Frustrated Hot Wife Britney. Busty milf Britney Amber has been married to Markus London over four years. Blonde babe really loves her husband but there is one problem in her marriage, her stepson Lucas Frost. In all these years, she doesn’t have a good relationship with him. All she wants him to show her more love and respect, treat her as a real mother. Britney is trying everything comfortable for him but can’t get any success.

Husband Satisfied Frustrated Hot Wife Britney

Today, Lucas’s mom, Markus’s ex-wife Silvia brings Lucas from her place to Britney’s. Britney doesn’t like Silvia at all and Silvia feels the same way. Before leaving their place, Silvia makes rude comments about how Britney fails a meaningful relationship with her son. At night, while her husband Markus lies on the bed, Britney talks about Silvia and how she feels. Markus comforts his hot wife and tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about it. His son is an adult and Britney shouldn’t care about the relationship that much. He pulls her into bed and starts making out. The best thing about older men is that they know how to touch the right places in order. Soon, Britney finds herself moaning heavily under her husband.

Date: March 11, 2019