Huge Butts Latina Rose Fucks Crossing Guard


Huge Butts Latina Rose Fucks Crossing Guard. Gorgeous Latina babe Rose Monroe is walking through her house. When she sees a black younger crossing guard in the middle of the intersection, she decides to have fun with him. Horny Latina babe Rose calls for his help, she pretends to need him to cross the road in front of her house.

Huge Butts Latina Rose Fucks Crossing Guard

Sexy babe orders him to follow her till her place. Crossing guard, Lil D. watches her big butts while walking behind curvy Latina. Oh, her mini skirt is not doing any good job to cover her massive ass. Then, he helps her to cross the street. But when she goes to another side, sexy slut bends over and shows her pussy, wearing no panties. Of course, it is just the start of the fun. Horny Latina Rose gropes his ear and pulls black guy into her house so she can use his big black cock to satisfy herself.

Date: January 2, 2019