Hot Realtor Layla Seduces The Customer


Hot Realtor Layla Seduces The Customer. To getting rid of his boring life, Keiran and his wife decide to buy a new house. This is the first step for him, womanizer guy wants a decent life with his wife too. When the black-haired hottie, Layla Sin finishes the tour, she says the price of place in the kitchen. After his wife leaves them to check bedrooms, raven hottie notices he is not happy with that.

Hot Realtor Layla Seduces The Customer

She wants to sell this house and to do that, firstly she grabs his cock over his pants. Keiran does not want it, because his wife is around and that a risky act. He is smart but Layla is too hot and sexy to refuse. She unzips him, gets down suck his world-class cock eagerly after a short time. While she was sucking him, his wife gets there. SHe almost busts them but Layla Sin knows how to avoid that. Then she brings him in a bedroom to finish what they started. Keiran bangs her juicy cunt on the bed, hardly until she orgasms. Then he shoots the warm ones on her face.

Eventually, her future wife busts Keiran after exploding on the slutty realtor’ face. That is a not good thing to getting started a new life.

Cock Hungry Realtor Layla Sucks Hard Cock

Date: April 22, 2019