Hot Nurse Brooke Beretta Gets Erection Call


Hot Nurse Brooke Beretta Gets Erection Call. Tyler Steele is in bad condition. He has an erection for more than five hours and he doesn’t know what to do, apparently, masturbation doesn’t work. Tyler doesn’t like hospitals. On top of it, he doesn’t want to go to the hospital with this kind of problem. So, he checks online and finds a nurse who is coming for house calls.

Hot Nurse Brooke Beretta Gets Erection Call

Redhead nurse Brooke knocks his door in her green uniform. Busty Brooke asks questions about his erection and Tyler swears her that he didn’t take any pill or anything. So, she needs to examiner his boner. Redhead nurse impresses by how big his boner is and starts treating him.

First, she pulls out his top and gives him an amazing tit fuck. But it is not enough, when did a tit fuck be enough for making him cum? So, nurse Brooke opens her lips and starts sucking him. As its size made her wet, she doesn’t want him to come with this blowjob. Now, she can proceed to the final solution which takes him into her slippery pussy for a hardcore medical solution, of course.

Redhead Nurse Brooke Beretta Cures Boner Problem


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Date: November 8, 2017