Harasser Bald Boss Fucks Bombshell Secretary Brett


Harasser Bald Boss Fucks Bombshell Secretary Brett. Busty blonde babe Brett Rossi is working in a big law firm as a secretary, nearly for a decade. Sexy babe has two bosses, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Derrick. She really likes her boss, Mr. Johnson on the other hand Brett hates Mr. Derrick. Because when Mr. Johnson is not around, Derrick harasses her, in every situation. These harassment is mostly psychological.

Harasser Bald Boss Fucks Bombshell Secretary Brett

In these days, Mr. Johnson is in the another town and again Derrick is harassing her in the office. All his harassment makes her feel really small. When he implies about having sex with her, Derrick offers a new position in the firm, more money, whatever she wants. Finally, busty Brett understand Derrick’s true goal, he is after fucking this hopeless secretary. If it is all he wants, she is going to fuck him right in his office to give his medicine afterwards.

Date: October 10, 2018

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