Guy Fucks Stewardess Step Sister Allie Nicole


Guy Fucks Stewardess Step Sister Allie Nicole. Blonde teen Allie Nicole is working as a stewardess in a big airline. But she has a problem with being on time for the work. Because sexy teen really like partying, coming home late most of the times. So, it is hard for her to wake up early for the work. After yesterday’s party, she wakes up late this morning. She changes into her stewardess uniform but there is no way she can be on time by bus. Only way is to ask help from her step brother to give her a ride.

Guy Fucks Stewardess Step Sister Allie Nicole

Allie knows that her step brother is total dick and won’t do it for free. This time, he asks her to give him a blowjob if she finds a ride. As she wants to keep her job, Allie has no other choice. She pulls down his pants and handles his cock with her gloves. Blonde teen licks his head first and than takes the whole thing into her mouth and sucks ferociously. Allie does her best to make him cum into her mouth before she is in hurry. Of course, this sexual encounter changes their relation forever, for better.

Date: January 8, 2019

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