Guy Fucks Roommates Girlfriend Annika Eve


Guy Fucks Roommates Girlfriend Annika Eve. Kyle Mason hears some noises coming from the kitchen. As his roommate is not in the home, it should be a burglar. He tries to keep his composure, takes the umbrella as a weapon and rushes into kitchen. As he is walking inside, he shouts for intimidation.

Guy Fucks Roommates Girlfriend Annika Eve

Annika hears the shouting and guy’s rushing into kitchen. She drops her towel wrapping her curvy body out of fear. Oh, it is just his roommates hot girlfriend Annika Eve. Kyle tells her that he is so sorry about freaking her after checking her naked body for a while. To enlighten the mood, he compliments on her perky tits and big butts. As her boyfriend is not telling sweet things like Kyle, soon they find each other kissing passionately in the kitchen. Now, Kyle has all the time to fondle and suck her natural tits.

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Date: December 11, 2017