Guy Fucks Girlfriend’s Roommate Liza Rowe


Guy Fucks Girlfriend’s Roommate Liza Rowe. Brunette teen Liza Rowe comes home earlier tonight because her favorite show is on the TV. She jumps onto couch and turns the TV on. As soon as her favorite show starts, there occurs a problem. He roommate and roommate’s boyfriend are fucking and she can’t concentrate on watching because of all the moaning.

Guy Fucks Girlfriend’s Roommate Liza Rowe

On the other hand, these erotic moaning and groaning turns her on and she decides to watch her show later. She takes off her bottom clothes and panties, spreads her legs on the couch. She starts rubbing her clit and fingers herself. But her masturbation is interrupted by her roommate’s boyfriend Rob Carpenter.

Guy comes in living room because his girlfriend has fell into sleep before finishing the sex. When Rob realizes Liza’s panties on the couch, he offers her to finish together. Petite Liza is too horny and doesn’t care if she bangs her roommate’s boyfriend.

Liza Rowe Rides Roommate's Boyfriend

Date: October 27, 2017