Gorgeous Teen Fucks After Card Game


Gorgeous Teen Fucks After Card Game. Busty teen Lady Jay is a really beautiful Russian. She is only nineteen years old. Slender Russian teen has amazingly shaped big natural tits. Jay is in a relationship with her current boyfriend for quite some time.

Gorgeous Teen Fucks After Card Game

Today, they don’t have anything but to spend the time at home. Jay wants something new, maybe they can play some card games. Busty beauty makes one rule, winner of each hand can do anything. At first round, her boyfriend wins and gives a kiss to her, on the cheek. He wins the second round too and this time he kisses her lips. She wins for the first time at third round and asks her boyfriend to lose her shirt. After a couple of hands, she decides her price is to fuck now, no more game.

Date: April 12, 2019