Ginger Teacher Andi Rye Sucks Student


Ginger Teacher Andi Rye Sucks Student. Every male student of the school is looking forward to detention when redhead teacher Andi Rye is there. Because she is a total slut and giving amazing actions to her students. Naughty milf Andi has a policy, no student left behind. She is making every one of her student real men, she is the man-maker.

Ginger Teacher Andi Rye Sucks Student

As it is quite intimate detention, she can’t take more than one student at one time. Finally, it is Max’s turn this week to stay for detention. Guys in the classroom have a calendar for everyone to stay for detention. Max has an idea about what he is going to experience with other students. But he gets a good surprise when seeing his teacher Andi wearing a jacket and lingerie only. First, ginger milf teacher gives him an erotic scolding. Then, she slips in between his legs and starts sucking his cock with deepthroats.

Date: July 10, 2019