Giant Rabbit Fucks Slutty Friends Alex, Lily


Giant Rabbit Fucks Slutty Friends Alex, Lily. Slender brunette Alex Blake is in her best friend Lily Adam’s place for the Easter. They are going to search for the chocolate eggs all around the house left by Lily’s dad. While Alex is changing her clothes in Lily’s room, she notices Lily’s step brother Lucas peeping on him. Slutty teen likes the attention and gives him a quite show while he jerks off while spying. But Lily busts her creepy step brother and sends him away.

Giant Rabbit Fucks Slutty Friends Alex, Lily

While they are searching for eggs, Alex finds a giant bunny in Lily’s bedroom. Oh, she recognizes the cock, it is Lucas. She sits on his lap to ride him as cowgirl till Lily calls for her. Lucas is not happy her leaving in the middle of the fuck. Later, while they are eating their chocolate eggs on Lily’s bed, Lucas in her rabbit costume sneaks behind them. He pulls out Alex’s panties and starts fucking her from behind. He can’t hold himself but jumps on his step sister’s Lily’s pussy. Oh, this slut is ready for his cock too.

Date: April 10, 2018

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