Employee Nails Blonde Boss Bailey Brooke


Employee Nails Blonde Boss Bailey Brooke. It is not the first time someone complains about J Mac’s sexual harassment. Bailey Brooke doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior in her office. So, she calls the bald guy in her office to give him a serious speech.

Employee Nails Blonde Boss Bailey Brooke

Actually, J Mac doesn’t deny that he has masturbated in the office. But in his defense, he was on break and he can do whatever he wants during his break time, including pleasuring himself. Sexy boss tells him that this is the “definition” of sexual harassment and he has to stop it. But J Mac can’t help himself but he starts to touch himself again, in front of his boss. Even, he pulls out his cock to jerk off. When Bailey seems him doing again, she decides to fire him, until realizing how huge he is.


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Date: March 15, 2018
Actors: Bailey Brooke