Eighteen Years Old Megan Fucks In Bus


Eighteen Years Old Megan Fucks In Bus. Bangbros Crew is on the roads once again. Three of them are driving around the street of neighbors. Of course, this is the new episode of the Bang Bus and they need to find a new amateur babe to fuck. But so far, they don’t have any luck, after driving for two hours, they didn’t find any candidates.

Eighteen Years Old Megan Fucks In Bus

Peter Green, the male pornstar for today, offers his crew to eat before continuing. He wants to eat some sushi. While they are on their way to the sushi restaurant, the driver spots a teen at the bus stop. They immediately turn the bang bus around and stops in front of the bus stop. Of course, they need a lie to convince her to hop into their bus stop. So, Peter starts to talk with her and introduces themselves as making skit videos online and making lots of money. He claims that they need a female face in their videos. When he offers a hundred dollars, eighteen years old beauty Megan Marx accepts to take a ride with them.

Date: May 15, 2019
Actors: Megan Marx