Doctor Inseminates Desperate Wife Chanel Preston


Doctor Inseminates Desperate Wife Chanel Preston. Busty brunette Chanel Preston and her husband come to hospital for a fertility test. Chanel is sick of her husband’s blaming her because she can not get pregnant. After talking with both of them, doctor Keiran Lee asks husband to leave them alone for the tests.

Doctor Inseminates Desperate Wife Chanel Preston

Keiran tells Chanel too loose her clothing and spread her legs. Then he wears latex gloves and inserts his fingers into her pussy unannounced. Although Chanel gets surprised by doctor’s fingering, she is happy to hear the good news. Keiran tells him that there is nothing wrong with her fertility, it is her husband. As her husband is a very traditional man, he won’t accept sperm donor or adoption. But there is one other option Chanel thinks of. She gets on her knees and begs Keiran to inseminate her right now, right here.


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Date: February 23, 2018
Actors: Chanel Preston