Ditched Girlfriend Jasmine Vega Fucks Stranger


Ditched Girlfriend Jasmine Vega Fucks Stranger. While walking through his house, Sean Lawless spots an amazing brunette at the bus stop. He approaches her, hopping to pick her up. But, at first, this perky brunette babe gets angry at him for hitting on her. Sean can’t stop know because she looks damn so hot in her shorts and red bikini top.

Ditched Girlfriend Jasmine Vega Fucks Stranger

It turns out she is angry with her boyfriend. Apparently, he has ditched her because he wanted to get drink with his friends. Now, she has to all the way through to meet with him. Sean offers help to Jasmine and tells her that he can drive her through her boyfriend’s.

When they come to his house, Jasmine wants to linger around. Because if she goes to her boyfriend late, he will get suspicious and angry. So, they can be even. Perky Latina Jasmine decides that she doesn’t want to be even, she wants to win over her boyfriend. Therefore, she has to make his suspicion come in real. What is better than to bang this bald stranger right here?

Guy Picks Up Ditched Latine Jasmine Vega


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Date: November 21, 2017