Delivery Latina Goldie Ortiz Satisfies Customer


Delivery Latina Goldie Ortiz Satisfies Customer. Sexy babe Goldie is her on routine, delivering packages to customers. When she gives packages to Bambino, it turns out all the packages are smashed and in bad condition. There, Bambino gets really upset and tells his disappointment to her.

Slutty Delivery Latina Goldie Ortiz Satisfies Customer

The naughty gal knows the company motto: Always Satisfy. So, hottie tries to think another way to satisfy this customer. Then she has come with the best idea. Sexy babe in her delivery uniform and hat kneels down and gently takes out his cock. Babe likes his size and starts to lick his stick.

The satisfaction is not for him only and also she will get her pussy what needs. Delivery babe takes out her uniforms and lets Bambino nails her as hard as he can do to satisfy himself.

Delivery Babe Goldie Ortiz Bangs Customer


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Date: July 12, 2017