Cuckolded Teen Jenna Sativa Fucks Mistress Dillion Harper


Cuckolded Teen Jenna Sativa Fucks Mistress Dillion Harper. While Jenna Sativa is talking to her boyfriend, he is not paying attention at all but playing with his phone. Jenna can’t believe how he can neglect her. When he leaves the room to get something to drink, he gets a text message to his phone. Jenna takes the phone and read it for herself. Omg, this message is coming from a woman and telling that she is all wet and ready for him.

Cuckolded Teen Jenna Sativa Fucks Mistress Dillion Harper

Apparently, her useless boyfriend is cheating on her. She really can’t believe him. But Jenna plays cool and hides his phone in her pocket and goes to bedroom when he comes back. There, she checks his messages and it turns out he has an affair for four months. After quick thinking for payback, Jenna decides to text his lover to come his place.

Jenna walks back into living room and puts her boyfriend’s phone on couch so he doesn’t suspect anything. When she hears the doorbell, Jenna rushes to open it before her boyfriend wakes up from his noon nap. There is a busty brunette on the door, Dillion Harper. Dillion knows Jenna but as her boyfriend’s roommate. So, this is how Dillion come here and doesn’t surprise to meet with Jenna.

Jenna Sativa takes Dillion upstairs, pretending her boyfriend is not at the home and they can wait together. Slutty Jenna makes many sweet talks to get into Dillion’s panties and she manages to get Dillion on her bed. There, Jenna ties Dillion’s hands and starts to eat her pussy. At first, Dillion’s has claimed she is a straight woman but after feeling Jenna’s tongue in her mouth and in her pussy, she looses herself into this passionate lesbian sex. After eating each other’s pussies, Jenna scissor’s her boyfriend’s mistress and rubs her pussy against hers, hard. Then, Jenna gets on top of her to lick her pussy lips as sixty nine.

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Date: November 18, 2017