Cheated Ex-Wife Stephanie West Wants To Get Payback


Cheated Ex-Wife Stephanie West Wants To Get Payback. Black hair and high heels with a coat covers her body, cheated wife Stephanie looking for revenge. Since she learns it recently, Stephanie wants quick revenge. The first thing comes up in her mind to get his workplace. Ruins there make something to ruin his work life. After getting in his office she begins to tears apart some papers on the desk.

Cheated Ex-Wife Stephanie West Wants To Get Payback

After a while, his boss J Mac gets there. Hot brunette makes him silent, then reveals her lingerie under her coat. She is hot, to give it to her. J Mac just stares her charming body. Lets her seduces him. Slutty wife seduces him easily. Gives a nasty mouthful treatment to his big cock. She eagerly sucks him. Then turns her back, lays down on the desk wants him to fuck her on it. Booty girl gets it hard and deep until he unloads his cum on her face. That is it, she got what she comes here for.

Stephanie West Revenge Fuck

Date: January 4, 2019
Actors: Stephanie West

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