Casino Dealer Nails Slutty Asian Babe Ember


Casino Dealer Nails Slutty Asian Babe Ember. Filipino babe Ember Snow is on vacation in Las Vegas but this is her last day. Little vixen Ember finds gambling very fun but she has no luck at all. Now, Asian babe has little money to lay for her last day. Brunette babe makes a plan for herself to win for today. So, she wears a very sexy red dress with red stockings and black high heels. Ember finds a private saloon so she can execute her plan.

Casino Dealer Nails Slutty Asian Babe Ember

When she loses the first hand at blackjack, instead of giving her chips, she slowly undresses in front of the dealer. J Mac watches her erotic show with wide eyes. In the end, her plan works because J Mac doesn’t take her chips, he rather chooses to enjoy her amazing perky tits. At the second hand, Filipino babe goes all in and wins the hand with a perfect score, twenty-one. After getting her prize chips, now it is time to reward the dealer, J Mac. Horny Asian slut calls him to come close so she can bang his brains out in the private casino room.

Date: January 14, 2019
Actors: Ember Snow