Caged Husband Watches Realtor Fucks His Wife


Caged Husband Watches Realtor Fucks His Wife. Busty blonde Karma RX opens the door. The real estate agent she is waiting for here. The guy introduces himself as Logan Piecer. Realtor can’t take his eyes away from this smoking hot blonde. Because Karma is wearing only white lingerie with stockings, and a nightgown, she practically shows her curvy body.

Caged Husband Watches Realtor Fucks His Wife

Karma is going to move to another place soon and Logan is here to appraise her stuff. Because hot babe Karma is not going to take anything from this house, she wants a fresh start. While Karma is showing the items in the living room, Logan wonders about the thing under a red sheet. Busty Karma ensures him that it is a worthless item. Then, Karma unwraps the item and Logan face a cage, a man inside. Apparently, this is Karma’s pathetic husband Marcelo. As he annoyed Karma, she has put him here to make him think about how worthless she is. Now, she has a man with her, Karma can teach him another lesson. Slutty wife Karma orders Logan to take out his cock so she can show how a real man fuck.


Realtor Fucks Busty Karma In Front Of Husband

Date: September 19, 2019
Actors: Karma RX