Bullying Guy Fucks Hot Mom Tia


Bullying Guy Fucks Hot Mom Tia. Her son comes home from school in a very bad mood. So, Tia asks him repeatedly about the problem. After half an hour of avoiding, her son confesses that he has been bullied all week. Busty babe Tia corners him to give the name of the bully. Other day, she rides to school and finds the guy, Brad Knight. She stops his car next to him and asks him to stop bullying her son.

Bullying Guy Fucks Hot Mom Tia

Brad is willing to stop bullying her son but he has a request from her. If she agrees to fuck him, there won’t be any more bullying. As a loving mother, busty Tia agrees on his terms and gives the address to Brad. When he comes to her place, she calls him to upstairs, her bedroom. Brad opens the door and finds petite babe on the bed, wearing very sexy lingerie. Oh, this is going to be fun for him. Tia pulls out his cock and surprises by his size. After sucking him all around, she places his dick in between her big knockers and gives him an amazing tit fuck.

Date: January 13, 2019