Brunette Olivia Lua Seduces Personal Trainer


Brunette Olivia Lua Seduces Personal Trainer. Olivia Lua decides to join for the upcoming triathlon. Her brother recommends one of his friends, J Mac to train her. J Mac is a champion on heavy weight lifting and he is an excellent teacher. So, brunette beauty Olive follows her brother’s instruction and comes to J Mac’s gym for work out.

Brunette Olivia Lua Seduces Personal Trainer

When Olivia looks at his body, she feels how horny she is and wants his cock rather than his training. Horny brunette Olivia uses all the chances to seduce him and teases him repeatedly. J Mac is professional and also he doesn’t want to bang his friend’s sister.

After he demonstrates how good he is at heavy lifting by lifting brunette babe instead of weight, Olivia gets wetter. She doesn’t want to waste any second so she gives him a kiss and directly reaches for his huge cock. Now, J Mac can’t do any other thing but as a gentlemen, he pounds her tight wet pussy in the gym.

Personal Trainer Fucks Horny Athlete Olivia Lua


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Date: September 22, 2017
Actors: J Mac / Olivia Lua

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