Bratty Stepsister Kiara Cole Gets Her Phone Back


Bratty Stepsister Kiara Cole Gets Her Phone Back. Skinny blonde teen Kiara is may be the brattiest sister around. While her stepbro Sam Shock was making pre paraments for the new year party she gets in the living room. Petite babe asks where is her phone. She looks around for a bit, but not found it. Then, asks her stepbro about it. He and her mom hide the phone to teach her a lesson.

Bratty Stepsister Kiara Cole Gets Her Phone Back

She never minds the home duties, just kill her time with her phone. Kiara is being a lazy one, and that needs to stop. If she wants to get her phone back, Kiara needs proper acting, such as helping her family, doing her home stuff etc. After sitting on the couch a while, she gets back her room, removes her clothes, wears a pantie and a bra. Then, she gets back to her stepbro. With a naughty face, she gets down on her knees, reveals his rumbling fat rod. After that, she sucks him while keep talking dirty. Then jumps on it. He fucks her on the couch until he cums on her back. After the fuck session, there won’t be any phone for her, unfortunately.

Date: January 7, 2019
Actors: Kiara Cole