Boyfriend Fucks Blonde Teen Lindsey In Car


Boyfriend Fucks Blonde Teen Lindsey In Car. Ryan drives through the spot which he is going to pick up his student. He works in a driving school as a field instructor. Today, Ryan is going to work with his latest student, Lindsey Cruz. Actually, it is their second time to practice together. The first one was really a failure because the blonde teen didn’t get any progress. Even, she couldn’t move the car at all.

Boyfriend Fucks Blonde Teen Lindsey In Car

When Ryan sees Lindsey at the side of the road, he stops the car and takes her inside. While they are talking about the last practice, a younger guy opens the back door and gets into the car. It is a surprise for Ryan but Lindsey explains the situation. This guy, Peter is her boyfriend and they are going out after the practice. Ryan doesn’t like the guy at all when he interrupts his training and tries to be an instructor himself. So, when Lindsey fails to drive once again, Ryan decides to stop the lesson for today. He drives through their school office and goes inside. When they are alone in the car, this naughty couple starts fucking in the vehicle.

Date: March 12, 2019