Boss Blackmail Petite Secretary Kristen Scott


Boss Blackmail Petite Secretary Kristen Scott. Lately the clumsy secretary Kristen Scott was messing her duties in the office. She badly needs to work, cant afford to loose it but she gets the call from the boss finally. When she gets inside the room, Kristen guesses what will be come from Seth Gamble, the boss. He begins to lecture her how she ruins their hard work. Poor petite understands him very well but she is a human and human makes errors. Actually she does some big mistakes without any recovery. Later on, after Seth finishes his words, lovely secretary tells him she will everything to continue her work. Kristen does not getting fired from there.

Boss Blackmail Sexy Petite Secretary Kristen Scott

Soon after behind his table, Seth pulls out his hard cock. She was not ready for it actually. After asking whats that mean, Seth reminds her words about doing anything for her job. Petite secretary needs to help her boss, because her needs to get some relive. She lets him play her pink pussy for a while. Then, grabs his hard dick to blow it. After that, Kristen gets a hard pound in doggy style till he cums in her mouth and cute face at the end.

Date: October 1, 2018