Blue Haired Shoplifter Deliver Jewel Back To Officer


Blue Haired Shoplifter Deliver Jewel Back To Officer. Jewelz Blu, the rebel teen is under suspicion in the security room. She is there for stealing a jewel from the shop. As normal acting behavior, she denies it at first. But the officer intends to recover the stolen part even if he needs to go deeper on her his search. He makes her wait in the room for a while. Then the procedure begins. After taking some photos, he demands her to remove her clothes. Jewelz Blu objects it at first but she does what he asks. Slowly he makes her removes all the part of what she wears.

Blue Haired Shoplifter Deliver Jewel Back To Officer

And finally, he spots the jewel under her pantie. Now she is a certain thief for sure. To grab some papers, he left her in there, naked. Then gets back to continue his job. At this point teen shoplifter has two options; if she does not get down to suck him off, the officer gonna calls the cops. As an answer this blackmailing, petite teen gets down and grab his cock. She gives him a blowjob, makes his cock hard. After that, Jewelz bends over through the desk, enjoys the dirty guy cock while getting fuck. He also gives a surprise creampie at the end.

 Jewelz Blu, The Shoplifter Gets Blackmailed


Date: July 24, 2019
Actors: Jewelz Blu