Blonde Cutie Charlotte Cross Offers Free Massage


Blonde Cutie Charlotte Cross Offers Free Massage. Charlotte Cross just opened a little massage saloon nearby. The lovely blonde was handing out some massage flayers when she notices the brunette girls Brooke Haze and Gabriela Lopez. They seem to girlfriends to her who enjoy a small walking ın the afternoon. With a kinky tough in her mind, Charlotte offers them a free massage. They agree that offer and get going to her place after that. The girls admire her new place tells her the place is so nice.

Blonde Cutie Charlotte Cross Offers Free Massage

After Brooke and Gabriela play a little game, Brooke gets her place on the massage table, completely naked. Charlotte begins to doing her stuff after that. Later on, her hands begin to move through Brooks’ sensitive parts. While Charlotte was doing it, she moans slowly. At the same time, Gabriela begins to arouse on her place. After Brooke is done, she removes her clothes to get a sensual massage too. While Charlotte makes her moans too, Brooke was fingering her fresh cunt from behind. After a while too, things get more complicated.

Date: December 19, 2018