Black Real Estate Agent Demi Sutra Fucks Client


Black Real Estate Agent Demi Sutra Fucks Client. Ebony realtor Demi Sutra has sold a house in the suburban area last week. She got a very juicy commission from that sale. After a quick research, sexy realtor Demi finds out that these houses in this neighborhood have a really hot market. So, she decides to pay a visit to every house in the neighborhood to see if she can find new clients.

Black Real Estate Agent Demi Sutra Fucks Client

Mark opens the door and finds a very hot woman in her doorstep. Demi introduces herself and tells about her job. She explains how the market is hot in this neighborhood. Also, she mentions the price of the house she sold, three and a half million dollars. Oh, this number makes her new client-to-be to think about selling. So, he invites her into his house and she starts to check the place to give him a rough number.

When she sees the big kitchen, pool with hot tub and other utilities, she tells him that this house can be sold for at least two and half million dollars, maybe more. But he is hesitating because this is the house he grew up, nostalgia. Oh, now it is time for her to use her secret technique to change his mind. Naughty real estate agent starts to undress in front of him.

Date: March 8, 2019
Actors: Demi Sutra