Black Hair Alessa Fucks Panty Sniffing Roommate


Black Hair Alessa Fucks Panty Sniffing Roommate. Alessa Savage is a university student in London and sharing a flat with her two friends. Brunette babe is really beautiful and very sexy with her long black hair, blue eyes, and slender body. On the other hand, she is constantly horny, can’t find enough dicks to satisfy her pussy. Today, she goes out with her roommate Gina where other roommate Alex stays at home.

Black Hair Alessa Fucks Panty Sniffing Roommate

When Alessa comes back home with Gina, they find Alex in the middle of the room. Apparently, he is wearing one of Alessa’s black panties on his head, sniffing. Also, his hand is in his jeans, probably jerking off. Gina shouts him as a pervert and leaves the house. On the other hand, this perverted behavior of Alex turns Alessa on and she wants more from him. She bends over towards him and starts kissing. Soon, they lose all her outfits and Alessa sucks his roommate all over. Oh, he has a really big cock, perfect her for pussy.

Pervert Roommate Fucks Sexy British Alessa

Date: January 8, 2019