Black Guys Double Penetrate Bachelor Stripper


Black Guys Double Penetrate Bachelor Stripper. As Ricky Johnson’s wedding day is coming closer, his best man, Nat Turner arranges a night with their friends. Although Ricky doesn’t want to be in a strip club because of his fiancee, Nat finds an exclusive place. It is not an actual strip club but better.

Black Guys Double Penetrate Bachelor Stripper

Black dude Ricky is not sure about having a stripper in this night but when he sees stripper Adriana Chechik, he changes his mind. This babe is wearing amazing red lingerie with heels and tan color stockings and her body looks so hot. After her lap dance, slutty stripper unzip his pants and takes out his BBC. Other two friends of Ricky leaves the room to give them space, Nat stays behind. While Ricky fucks the stripper, Nat pulls out his hard black dick and jerks off. He can’t take it off and decides to join them for a hardcore threesome. While Adriana rides the black stud, Nat comes from behind and inserts his monstrous cock into her ass for double penetration.

Date: October 10, 2018

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