Big Boobs Lesbian Lovers Dorothy And Peneloppe


Big Boobs Lesbian Lovers Dorothy And Peneloppe. Brunette Hungarian babe Dorothy Black is lying on the bed and checking her social media accounts. Her hot lover, blonde babe Peneloppe Ferre sneaks from the bathroom and throws a pillow to Dorothy. Soon, it turns to a pillow fight and a very sexy scene as they both wear tank tops without bra. Both Hungarian babes have amazing boobs, big naturals.

Big Boobs Lesbian Lovers Dorothy And Peneloppe

Milf Dorothy pulls down Peneloppe’s tank top down and unleashes her big natural tits. Of course, Peneloppe does the same and babes rubs their boobs to each other’s while they are kissing passionately. Younger babe Peneloppe gets on top and takes off Dorothy’s pants and starts fingering her pussy. As she drills her wet pussy, Peneloppe licks her clit as Dorothy moans hard. Then, Dorothy returns the favor and eats her lover’s pussy.

Date: March 8, 2019