Big Ass Gang Leader Lena Try To Rescue Gang Member


Big Ass Gang Leader Lena Try To Rescue Gang Member. Notorious leader Lela Star has some concern about her beloved gang member Molly Stewart. She under arrest after getting for bank robbery. Her journey to the West Post is not easy, busty Latina knows it well. But before the hangman gets there, she needs to try to rescue her. Huge ass brunette finally meets with the town sheriff, Charles Dera, the sleepy one.

Big Ass Gang Leader Lena Star Try To Rescue Gang Member Molly Stewart

While Lena faces with him, she doesn’t use her gun, just uses her big boobs to impress him. If she finds the jail and rescues Molly, she will fuck her for sure. But first thing first, Lela have to spot her place and make her free. Again, she does what she is best about, robbing. When she was robbing a store owner in this town, the sheriff stops her. He brings Lela in Molly’s cell. Leaves both of them in there. That is the first step of her plan. Now she knows where is Molly and there is still time for the second leap. While waiting in the cell, gorgeous brunette begins making out with her. Lena makes sure Molly worships her big and bubble butt.

Lela Star, Molly Stewart Hot Lesbians in the Jail
Lela Star, Molly Stewart
Date: January 14, 2019