BFFs Jane, Athena Shares Black Boyfriends


BFFs Jane, Athena Shares Black Boyfriends. Redhead teen Athena Rayne and brunette Jane Wilde are best friends forever for a long time. Hot babes are sharing literally everything. Jane and Athena are sharing the same house, clothes, college and occasionally their beds with each other. It is not a college experiment but they find very satisfying to fuck each other. On the other hand, they are not lesbians, and have boyfriends.

BFFs Jane, Athena Shares Black Boyfriends

Both teens are dating with black guys, for a couple of months now. While talking in their bedroom, Jane reminds Athena how they share everything. Then, Jane asks her if they should share their boyfriends now. Ah, redhead teen Athena really likes the idea and accepts her offer. For the weekend, they both invite their boyfriends, Rob Piper and Ricky Johnson to their house for a pool party. While black men have no idea about what they are thinking, they enjoy slutty teens in the pool. First, Jane seduces and teases Rob, Athena’s boyfriend to lick her pussy. When Athena allows him to do so, Ricky goes for her and starts kissing the redhead beauty.

Date: January 10, 2019