Best Friends BF Fucks Nikki Hill Anal


Best Friends BF Fucks Nikki Hill Anal. Russian teen Nikki Hill has plans with her best friend Gina Valentina. Sexy babes have booked a mansion for themselves and boyfriends for this summer. Unfortunately, Nikki and her boyfriend broke up just a couple of days before the trip. So, instead of her boyfriend, Nikki takes her huge double sided dildo with her.

Best Friends BF Fucks Nikki Hill Anal

Blonde beauty Nikki had a very active sex life with her boyfriend. Now, without her boyfriend, Nikki is horny all the time. On top of that, watching her best friend Gina and her boyfriend Alberto Blanco doesn’t help at all. Of course, she is using her huge red dildo every night but she can’t find the ultimate satisfaction. Nikki is still itching for a real cock. One day, Gina and Alberto go to side seeing but Nikki stays at the mansion. As no one in there, she goes to the poolside in her sexy red bikini. After swimming for ten minutes, she feels an urge to masturbate. Blonde teen Nikki takes off her bikini at outdoors and starts rubbing her pussy till Alberto shows up earlier.

Date: June 18, 2019