Backup Dancer Fucks Mandy Muse Anal


Backup Dancer Fucks Mandy Muse Anal. Chad White is a dancer, backup one and he has a gig for famous babe Mandy Muse. Like always, he comes late to rehearsal with her and another backup dancer. Big booty beauty Mandy gets angry with him but there is no time. So, they should start for their rehearsal.

Chad White and other dude are dancing behind Mandy’s back. Hot brunette is wearing a slutty leather top, revealing her amazing ass with high black boots. Chad absolutely has no focus on his dancing because he can’t take his eyes away from her big butts. Of course, he messes all the moves and totally screwing Mandy’s dancing too.

Brunette babe Mandy understands that her backup dancer is no good for her. Unless, she takes care of his horny behavior. So, at the break, hot slut orders him to lie down and she sits on his face. Chad eats her shaved pussy before Mandy turns face sitting into sixty nine. Mandy gets all wet and asks Chad to satisfy not only her pussy but her ass too as anal.

Slutty Babe Mandy Muse Fucks Dancer Anal


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Date: October 12, 2017

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