Andreina DeLuxe Fucks Natural Boobs Josephine


Andreina DeLuxe Fucks Natural Boobs Josephine. Colombian brunette Andreina DeLuxe has a European, more specifically Ukrainian girlfriend, Josephine. Blonde babe Josephine has an awesome curvy body, with big natural tits, so juicy. Andreina really likes to mess with her huge knockers, groping and fondling them all the time.

Andreina DeLuxe Fucks Natural Boobs Josephine

When they get an extra holiday from the work, Josephine and Andreina go for a vacation in the countryside. It is an amazing place, in the middle of the forest, away from the eyes. As soon as they put their luggage into the vacation house, they go outside, to walk in the forest. Soon, Andreina gets really horny and starts making out with her busty Euro girlfriend. She kisses Josephine passionately, her tongue lingers over Josephine’s. Then, she unbuttons the blonde babe’s shirt and sucks her big tits. But out of nowhere, Andreina takes out Josephine’s shirt and runs away and Josephine starts chasing her, her big boobs bouncing all over.

Date: May 18, 2019