Alex Fucks Tattooed Twin Sister Bonnie Anal


Alex Fucks Tattooed Twin Sister Bonnie Anal. After their date, Alex’s girlfriend Bonnie Rotten takes him into her place this time. Normally, they were going to his place for a fuck but his roommate is having company. Alex Legend gets a big shock when he sees the person sitting on the couch. It is exactly his girlfriend. Bonnie tells him that she has a twin, Bunny.

Alex Fucks Tattooed Twin Sister Bonnie Anal

When Bunny goes to her room, Alex and Bonnie start to make out. Bonnie gropes his big cock over his jeans and rubs him. Then, Alex lies his tattooed girlfriend on the kitchen table. He takes her shorts off and starts eating her pussy. But suddenly, he feels someone under the table, unbuckling him. Apparently, Bonnie’s twin sister Bunny is really naughty and she starts to suck his cock while he eats her step sister’s pussy. When Bonnie goes to change her clothes, Bunny lures Alex into her bedroom for rough anal sex.

Date: January 5, 2019