Aaliyah Hadid – Boyfriends Lucky Day


Aaliyah Hadid – Boyfriends Lucky Day. While sitting in the living room with her boyfriend, busty Aaliyah Hadid feels incredibly horny. She starts to make out with the guy and gets on her knees in front of him. After stroking his cock over his pants, she unzips him and erects the guy with a handjob.

Aaliyah Hadid – Boyfriends Lucky Day

Before finishing her blowjob, big titty ebony stops. Aaliyah tells him that she has a surprise for her. Hottie goes into the bedroom. The guy needs to stay hard and entertain himself. So, he opens Bangbros in the big screen and takes the matter in his own hands. When she comes back, the guy can’t take his eyes away from her. Big butts girlfriend Aaliyah is wearing such elegant white lingerie with white stockings and all ready for him.


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Date: March 18, 2018
Actors: Aaliyah Hadid