Romi Rain – Sexual Encounters 2


Romi Rain – Sexual Encounters 2. The things are not in best terms in between Romi Rain and her girlfriend Aubrey Black. Actually, it is all busty Romi’s fault. Because brunette milf is seduced by Aubrey son Xander’s big cock in the kitchen and Aubrey has busted her on blowjob. After this awkward moment, Romi gave her lover Aubrey an amazing lesbian fuck.

In the morning, Aubrey wakes up earlier and wears her clothes for a brunch. Busty milf Aubrey wakes her lesbian partner Romi to get ready. Romi needs a shower so she tells Aubrey to wait. When big titty Romi walks into shower all naked, she gets a big surprise. Because her lover’s son Xander in in the shower.

Romi Rain – Sexual Encounters 2

Romi tells Xander that she really needs to use the shower fast. Xander offers her to join him in shower, there is plenty of room for both of them. There is nothing to do so she gets under water but avoids Xander. After she joins her under water, Xander’s cock gets immediately hard. Now, busty wet Romi can’t take her eyes away from hard dick. Even, she looses concentration and drops her shower gel.

When she gets on floor to take gel back, Romi faces the hard cock. She tells Xander and herself that she is gay, she is lover with this guys’s mom. But apparently, busty Romi is loosing the control and Xander is aware of her condition. Instead of inserting his dick into her mouth to start a rough action, Xander takes her up and starts to rub his pussy and fondle her big tits. This nice move makes Romi more wet in the pussy and she has no power to fight back.

On top of it, the feeling of hard cock in between her gorgeous ass is really amazing. Romi wants him so bad, wants him in her mouth and in her pussy. She wants Xander to pound her pussy under the water till she cums.

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Busty Romi Rain Fucks Lover's Son


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Date: November 19, 2017