Masked Man Fucks Black Teen Sarah Banks


Masked Man Fucks Black Teen Sarah Banks. Ebony babe Sarah Banks is the hottest one in their neighborhood. But black teen Sarah has a very overprotective father. He is aware of how hot his daughter is and the looks of neighbor guys. So, black daddy doesn’t allow anyone to approach her daughter. He sets an alarm system into their house to make sure no one comes when he is at work.

Masked Man Fucks Black Teen Sarah Banks

Tonight, her father says his goodbye and leaves for a business meeting. Perky black babe Sarah is always horny because of her father’s restrictions, she can’t find any guy to bang her teen pussy. So, horny ebony is masturbating every day, more than once.

As soon as her father leaves, she pulls off her clothes and gets under the shower. Ebony teen starts masturbating with the water pressure thanks to shower head. On the other hand, a masked man, Johnny Sins has infiltrated their house to rob the valuable stuff. But masked burglar stumbles upon black babe’s masturbation and starts to peep on her. When Sarah notices her peeper, she uses this chance to convince him to fuck her pussy.

Masked Burglar Bangs Ebony Teen Sarah Banks


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Date: November 20, 2017