Eva Lovia – Flixxx, Come Clean


Eva Lovia – Flixxx, Come Clean. In the live commercial of the detergent Come Clean, guy in the kitchen invites audiences for tries one by one and cleans their clothes. When the time comes for beauty Eva Lovia, guy can’t takes her eyes from her tits under the white tank top without a bra and puts some ketchup to her top. Brunette babe takes out her top and gives him for cleaning but guy spit more ketchup onto her skirt pretending it is an accident. Gal takes of her skirt too and stays in the kitchen wearing only a black panties and red heels. As she is naked in a live commercial, she feels aroused and bangs the guy right away on the countertop.

Eva Lovia, Come Clean

Date: July 22, 2016
Actors: Eva Lovia