Alexis Monroe, Cali Carter, Jessa Rhodes – Lesbian Roommates


Alexis Monroe, Cali Carter, Jessa Rhodes – Lesbian Roommates. Keiran Lee and his girlfriend Cali Carter are trying to save some money. So, they decide to move a place where they can share the rent so they save good amount of money. Busty blonde Cali and her boyfriend Keiran finds a perfect place, a luxury house to share with two hot babes. Sexy Jessa makes an interview with them before approving this couple into their place.

Alexis Monroe, Cali Carter, Jessa Rhodes – Lesbian Roommates

There is one little thing they don’t know about their roommates. Bombshell blondes Alexis Monroe and Jessa Rhoades are always horny and fucking each other. Cali learns about how nympho they are when she drops her fork while they are at lunch together. When she looks under the table to find her fork, she witnesses Alexis’s rubbing Jessa’s pussy with her foot.

Other day, Cali wakes up and goes to kitchen to get a glass of water. On the way to her room, busty blonde hears moaning from Jessa’s room. When she comes near, she sees the door open and peeps inside. Big titty Alexis is scissoring Jessa and fucking her hard. Cali watches them till they notice her but she immediately turns back to her room. Cali turns on the scene of their hot lesbian sex and directly takes Keiran’s cock into her mouth. Keiran has no time for fuck at the moment, he is late for work and he leaves her on the bed. When Keiran goes to bedroom, Cali starts masturbating all alone.

In the bathroom, while Keiran is trying to get ready for work, Alexis walks in, wearing nothing. She is going to use the shower and if Keiran doesn’t want to be late for his work, he needs to share with her, as she tells him to. No other option left, Keiran steps under water with slutty blonde. Alexis doesn’t stands idle and seduces him to give a blowjob. When she wants more, Keiran says he can’t do it and leaves the shower.

Alexis Monroe, Cali Carter, Jessa Rhodes – Roommate’s Foursome

At the same time, Jessa sneaks into Cali’s bedroom, slowly approaches bed and looses all her clothes. As Cali’s eyes are shut because of the concentration for her masturbation, she doesn’t realize horny Jessa’s presence. Busty Jessa joins her and starts sucking her big fake tits.

When Keiran comes back to their room, he finds Jessa’s scissoring his girlfriend Cali, and doing it hard. Cali says the funny words, “it is not what it look likes”. Alexis comes a little later than Keiran, with a double sided dildo in hand. She pushes Keiran into bed for a hardcore foursome. Now, Keiran has three horny, wet pussies to satisfy.

Alexis Monroe, Cali Carter, Jessa Rhodes - Lesbian Foursome


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Date: September 22, 2017